The incubator is designed for science graduates who want to learn how to start and successfully grow technology based business. It is results driven, provides accredited business training and customised mentoring. Such businesses will seek to exploit enterprise supplier development opportunities in the food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors.

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Some of our incubates


Tejashree Chita 

I am currently an undergraduate BizQube incubatee. With a passion in the medical field I headed myself into the BizQube Lab. Upon my selection, I had been offered a project which outstretched my focus in the life sciences field and allowed me to gain interest in other potential industries. With the company’s focus on empowering women and technology based business, it has allowed me to grow as an individual. I have taken the 90 day open source challenge and have been only rewarding myself with great success in my career pathway.

Naledi Botha

I have BSc honours degree, and am expecting my MSc degree in food science in 2014. My main area of interest within food science is food safety and hygiene, and my goal is to be among the leaders in food safety training.  I am a highly motivated young black woman with the desire to succeed. Over the years, I have built extensive knowledge and experience in leadership and communication. I aspire to unleash my full potential, and sow back into the country, by being the very best I can possibly be.

The high unemployment rate in South Africa put a desire in me to play my part in improving the economy of the country. As a young black woman who has received a quality education, I believed I could make a positive contribution to the struggling economy of our country. Years in University had given me the technical knowledge and theory about the business I wanted to start, however I was clueless when it came to the business side. The mentorship programme, and business training offered on the BizQube incubator programme immediately attracted me to the programme. I envisioned myself taking the knowledge I had gained at University together with the opportunities, and training I would receive from the programme, and blossoming into one of the top entrepreneurs in the country. My experience so far has been a pleasant one. The mentors and staff of the programme are friendly, approachable, and very helpful.  Their belief in my capabilities makes me believe that the sky is the limit, and I can realise my dream of being a successful business woman. One thing which is clear to me thus far is it is one thing having a brilliant idea, but a lot of hard work will be required of me to turn that idea into something tangible. I am looking forward to taking this opportunity, and absorbing all it has to offer. 



Phaladi Kunyane

 I am a recent BSc graduate and have a particular interest in health science. This interest is about improving the general health and life expectancy of the public through education and preventative measures, with corrective action being the last resort.


What attracted me into the program was its uniqueness, empowering youth through science and technology. Furthermore, it has true scientific features as the program is very detail-orientated, meticulousness and as limited intake of incubatees. This means each and every incubatee has more than adequate support and attention from the mentors.

In this short period of time, I have learned so many valuable and indispensable qualities that make a business a business. Understanding and unpacking the value of an idea has been very useful. Looking at an idea from almost all possible angle has made me realize that there is no such a thing as a "stupid idea"! It has made me realize that through multiple approaches, we find multiple solutions....the program has lived far beyond my expectations so far.



Moloko Lucky Setoaba

I’m interested in social development which includes creating employment and just helping the poorest of the poor which this has led me to aspire to be an entrepreneur to able to do what I like. Having obtained a BSc Degree at Unisa I did not know where to start or how to go about the ideas that I have for business, then BizQube came into light with their incubation program. The program really attracted me to an extent where I immediately wanted to be on it because I personally thought this program could give me a platform of experience, networking, self-realization and strong business skills. So far this program has lived up to my expectations; I mean the experience has been tremendous. Firstly this program got me to think on my feet and identify opportunities. Secondly I’m learning a whole lot of business skills, technical skills, and other skills necessary for me to become the best entrepreneur. And the help from the director, manager and mentors is out this world so, I have no doubt at all that I’m gona be a successful and best entrepreneur.


 Lerato Nombula

My name is Lerato Nombula. I am 28years old. I live with my mother and sister. I enjoy many things such as reading, playing games, watching television but nothing surpasses my best hobby, weight lifting. I desire greatness which by my definition means being the man I can be. I aspire to be a scientist, entrepreneur and philanthropist. My aim is to prove to the world that Africans can be innovative, smart and take care of themselves. I love family and depend on mine religiously. My mother is my inspiration, my pillar and strength. She has taught me the value of perseverance, patience and hard work. I enjoy a diversity of music. My favourites are hip/hop, rhythm and blues and classical music. I am a driven and tenacious man, always guided by the desire to be better and hope to achieve all my endeavours.

What attracted me into the BizQube OPENSOURCE program was…….A desire to learn and acquire the skills that will help me become a better business man.

My experience so far has been…….Intense and immensely educational. The only thing that eases the pressure is our mentors. They are supportive and encourage us to do our best at all times. They are always willing to go above and beyond for us and that gives us the strength to keep moving forward.



Good tasting food is an excuse to enjoy the company of friends and family. Our name captures this essence.

Nambitha means a pleasant and enjoyable taste, and that is what food should be. Creating such food requires skill, creativity, innovation and consumer insights.

At Sense of Nambitha we provide food manufacturers with the insights to create products that will delight consumers. 

Our company offers technical and consumer sensory evaluation services to the food and beverage manufacturing industry. These services can be used to assess product consistency, new product developments, product reformulations and competitor products. We are a level 3 contributor, majority black woman owned and a value adding supplier.

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